David Swindley, Renowned Hypnotherapist and psycho-dynamic counsellor, Bournemouth, United Kingdom

“I wouldn’t have believed the difference a small box could make to my life and that of my family. I wish you every success in bringing the benefits of your products to a wider audience.”
All the usual benefits that have accrued from the installation of a Geomack unit in the home – fewer headaches, calmer children, and improved sleeping patterns – cannot compare to the amazing benefits Mr Swindley reports from the purchase of the portable Geomack unit. The unit now accompanies him everywhere – office, bedroom, driving, everywhere. Even on the days when he spends more than five hours at the computer he feels his eyes are less tired and his mind flows more freely.

Mrs Elaine Plant, Wimborne, Dorset, United Kingdom

“I am so grateful to you. If it was not for your research on our house, our circumstances and your recommending a Geomack unit, I believe that it would have eventually cost me my life without over enlarging things.”

Mrs Plant’s family was being systematically drained of natural energy with serious consequences. Her son had signs of becoming diabetic and her daughter was suffering from ME type illnesses together with recurrent glandular fever. Mrs Plant refused to accept the doctor’s diagnosis that she had cancer and should have a full colostomy. Having been a very active and healthy family, Mrs Plant was completely at a loss as to understand why the family had so many problems. It was proved to Mrs Plant that stress caused by the presence of underground running water, underground electricity cables, overhead power cables and local transformers, had virtually destroyed her immune system and that of the family. After two months with the Geomack unit, all the family noticed a definite improvement in their health. Mr Plant was so impressed that he purchased a portable Geomack which he stands on his desk at work and finds that he no longer has any of the tiredness symptoms associated with his working environment.

Yvonne and Henk, The Netherlands

“At the time we didn’t believe you but we gave you the benefit of the doubt and bought a Geomack  unit. Now, six months later, we are very glad we did!”

Sleeping problems, irritable children, tiredness and lack of concentration had worn Yvonne and Hank’s family down. Following extensive conversations with Geomack, the family agreed to let them come down and test the house. Electrosmog (Electro Stress), re-enforced concrete walls and geopathic radiation was diagnosed as the problem. Following the installation of an Geomack unit, the family says its overall quality of life has improved tremendously, the two daughters are concentrating better at school, they all sleep well and have no petty quarrels with each other any more.

Josette Sciberras, Malta

“I just cannot express my appreciation for this wonderful energising Geomack. I hope you will publish my letter so that people will know what a health enhancing gadget it is.”

Ever since Josette bought the Geomack products she says they have worked wonders. Benefits reported include less physical stress, better coping strategies for everyday life and fewer stress related problems. Her parents became calmer and more rational and the fits of depression disappeared. Even the dog is less aggressive and has become warm and loving. Since the installation of a home unit, Josette has purchased a portable unit for her job.